Focal removes the cord with a pair of Bluetooth speakers

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One thing we love about music in the modern era is the lack of cords. Focal is getting in on the fun, and has a pair of Bluetooth speakers ready to go that are a little bigger than the regular Bluetooth boxes we see.

The speakers being pointed out are a pair of 28 centimetre tall boxes that like so many boxes made today aren’t totally reliant on cables.

Sure, you can use them if need be, and there’s a 3.5mm stereo jack and an RCA cable if need be, but Bluetooth is the primary transmission that will be used here, with these surprisingly tall wireless loudspeakers featuring a 10cm polyglot speaker and


They’re called the Focal XS Book Wireless, and they rely on a combination of a 10cm polyglass mid-bass alongside a 19mm aluminium tweeter, with 20 watts of power inside each, measuring up to 40 watts total RMS.

We’re told this is Focal electronics and audio quality just like in Focal’s other high-end parts, but with a view more to something portable and wireless as is the case with modern sound products.


As such, we’re expecting the sound to be good, and with support for AptX audio via phones, tablets, and computers, it could even be as good as a standard cable.

Installation on these should be easy, but the price is a little more than what we see from other Bluetooth speaker makers, so you’ll want to bring that into consideration.


That being said, if price is no bother, you’ll find these in specialist electronics stores for a recommended retail price of $549.