Focal shrinks its speakers to sit in your ear with the Sphear

Focal’s speakers tend to attract all sorts of attention, and generally the good kind, which is why it’s so exciting to see a pair of in-earphones to arrive from the French audio engineers.

This week, Focal is announcing that you’ll soon be able to bring a pair of Focal speakers with you anywhere you go, provided you don’t mind inserting them into the aural cavity known as your ears.


The product that will make this happen is the “Sphear” — yes, Focal is intentionally misspelling “sphere” to include the word “hear”, and yes our spellcheckers are going mad — and these are a small speaker on in-earphones designed after a lot of in-house work to come up with something small and capable.

We’re told Focal has spent a good two years working on these, building a spherical ported bass reflex enclosure and packing in 10.8mm drivers, which the company says should produce a balanced and clear sound.


The design is also said to be ergonomic and made to work with your ear, while the design features stainless steel for the body and foam tips to be used with the earphones, making for a comfortable fit.

But mostly, Focal has apparently worked on making the sound profile similar to what you’ll get with a Focal loudspeaker, while also bringing a remote to the cable, making it ideal for phones and computers rather than the amplifiers normally using Focal products.


“Sphear distills all that we at Focal hold important, into the smallest product we have ever made,” said Simon Matthews, Group Director of Design at Focal.

Pricing on this pair of earphones comes in at $220 per pair, with the Sphear arriving at select stockists later this month.