Forget the dock, Jabra’s cutting the cord

This week, we’ve seen that the problem with audio docks is that when they change, devices no longer work. To combat this, wireless audio product maker Jabra is releasing a small speaker that you can take with you and get working with any Bluetooth phone and media player.

The company’s first wireless speaker, the Solemate is a black or white rubber-bottomed speaker designed to be durable while also producing solid sound and heavy bass.

Jabra’s casing and design makes the Solemate shock, dust, sweat, and water resistant, with a size close to that of a 500ml bottle of water, and a carry case which also features a 3.5mm stereo cable for when the gadget doesn’t have Bluetooth, or doesn’t quite have the power to send audio wirelessly.

“Used indoors or out, the Jabra Solemate is built to travel, so users can enjoy music in places they may normally not like to take their technology, such as the beach, being around food and drinks or in their gym bag,” said Karen Powell, Regional Sales Manager for Jabra Australia and New Zealand.

Being Bluetooth, devices can connect to it wirelessly, but it’s not just the one device, with up to eight supported, though from what we can gather, only one playing to the speaker at any time.

Jabra’s Solemate certain’t isn’t the first wireless portable speaker we’ve seen, as Jawbone has released one before this, and we’re certain other companies have too, including Bang & Olufsen’s recently released bucket-shaped Beolit 12.

The Solemate is the first speaker we’ve seen that reminds us of the sole of a durable shoe, with the ridged rubber bottom looking like it could take the same sort of beating as the footwear we walk and run with day in and day out.

Battery life hasn’t been mentioned yet, but we do have price and availability, with Jabra releasing the Solemate for $199 RRP on October 1.