It’s fun to grab the odd self-portrait, but there’s really no call to snap selfies everywhere you go.

Famous icons – outside the Opera House, near the Pyramids of Giza – or mugging alongside a celebrity make for ideal selfies, but images of yourself at the weekend footy game, on a park bench or in the tinned food aisle at the supermarket that fill your collection of self-centric images (which no-one is interested in), those you can probably just forget about.

The awkward selfie

Equally as annoying as the constant selfie is the awkward selfie.

The subject of the awkward selfie is that person who gets in the way of everyone else. In their eagerness to be the centre of focus, ‘The Awkward’ photobombs your perfectly framed shots of tourist attractions, leans across you to place themselves front and centre of the big game.

We’ve seen it in art galleries — standing in front of that Picasso to get a selfie really helps to get the point of Cubism across — and there are people even doing it in bathrooms (WHY?!). Waiters and waitresses need to stop working temporarily for people taking selfies in the middle of restaurants, and good luck getting past some customers in stores who for some reason feel a selfie makes sense in front of a rack of clothing.

Sometimes it’s just the carrying of the selfie stick, which can become awkward for just getting in your way when you’re trying to see something, a long metal stick with a reasonably large phone at the end obscuring the view of a band or someone speaking, all just so someone can get a top-down photo of themselves at the event.

Other times it’s people with the tablet, and that whole need to take a picture using the massive viewfinder that is a 7 to 10 inch screen, with the tablet just getting in the way of everything everyone else sees. And you can see them holding that tablet in front of them, and it’s just in the way, like so many things.

Some of these places probably don’t need a photo of you at them, though, and so if you feel yourself reaching for the phone or selfie stick when people are trying to partake in a bit of shopping, eating, or art viewing, take a breath, relax, and remember things the old fashioned way: with your memory.