Foxtel digs into unlimited broadband for subscribers

If you love your cable TV, and you’ve wanted unlimited home phone and broadband, Foxtel will now be putting these loves together for an unlimited bundle.

This week, Foxtel is talking up a combo made for people who have a love for their home communications of all sorts, with a plan that stretches across unlimited in pretty much everything that connects to a phone line of sorts.

Made for current subscribers to its service, as well as anyone else keen to jump on the Foxtel bandwagon, the bundle is pretty much built for people using Foxtel’s TV service, with a bundle of unlimited local and national phone calls on the home phone side of things, while broadband delivers unlimited downloads, too.

“Customers are telling us they love the combination of Foxtel’s unbeatable premium TV entertainment and our broadband and home phone services, and that they are growing hungrier for broadband data to feed their insatiable appetite for online entertainment such as Foxtel’s on-demand video streaming service Anytime,” said Andrew Lorken, Foxtel’s Executive Director of Broadband.

“Our new unlimited broadband bundles satisfy this hunger, giving our customers the freedom to browse, stream and connect with friends on multiple devices in their homes at any time of the day or night without worrying about data usage.”

The Foxtel combined service arrives in a few variations, with $115 per month grabbing the service on either a 12 or 24 month plan with any standard Foxtel plan, while Platinum subscribers will get the service for $95 per month.

If unlimited data isn’t part of your needs, a 100GB bundle with unlimited home phone will come in at $80 for a 12 or 24 month plan.

Regardless of what plan you go for, if you sign up to the 24 month plan, Foxtel will bundle in a WiFi modem called the Foxtel Hub. We don’t have much information on this, except to say that it apparently delivers “fast WiFi speeds” and “great in-home coverage and easy streaming to multiple devices”, but representatives of Foxtel did tell GadgetGuy that the Hub was not required.

Officially, we were told that “subscribers are fine to use their own [modem] if they prefer, but Foxtel doesn’t provide tech support” for these devices.

Something to keep in mind, as is the way Foxtel’s service connects to your home, because this is strictly ADSL2+.

Despite there being numerous connection types for broadband in Australia, Foxtel’s people told GadgetGuy that currently Foxtel broadband customers could only get ADSL2+, with no access to cable, VDSL, or the National Broadband Network at this time.

Essentially, the service being offered is the same speeds you’re already used to, but with a different pack and home bundle. If you already have a Foxtel account or were considering one, that might be just the sweetener you needed, but if you were hoping for faster speeds, well, you might want to wait a little longer.

In any case, you’ll find Foxtel’s new plans with home broadband and unlimited home phone available this week.