Foxtel iQ2 software upgrade

Foxtel last week announced that all Foxtel iQ2 set-top-units will start receiving a software upgrade delivering new features to its Electronic Program Guide (EPG). The first upgrade was delivered in September last year – enabling the Four Tuner functionality to record two shows while watching a third show live.

If you’ve ever missed the nail-biting final moments of a recorded program because it ran overtime, the latest iQ2 software upgrade will now allow you to add up to 20 minutes of extended recording time on a ‘program by program’ basis, so you can choose individual settings for different programs. This is a great enhancement for recording programs running longer than expected and really useful for channels that show live events, such as sport or reality programming, and for free to air broadcast channels that do not start and finish their shows in keeping with the published listing times.

The iQ set-top-unit is currently able to record up to 10 minutes extra on all programs.

Other features of the upgrade

Foxtel’s latest upgrade to the iQ2 EPG also enables the following handy features to enhance your Foxtel service and make it easier to use:

  • The option to stay listening to the currently viewed channel audio when entering the EPG. Currently the EPG plays audio from the AIR Lounge channel, this new feature gives viewers the option to stay with the current channel’s audio while in the EPG to keep listening to the program while planning viewing and browsing through the EPG.
  • The On Demand menu will now split up the free and Pay-Per-View titles so it’s easier to select from an HD FOXTEL Box Office movie and the bonus On Demand content provided with your iQ2 subscription. The MAIN EVENT and Adults Only menus will also be split out.
  • Also within the On Demand menu, the remaining countdown field will now be blank for Pay-Per-View titles until purchased. Once purchased the remaining time will be count down by hours of remaining viewing time and not days.
  • Once rebooted the iQ2 will automatically return to the most recently watched channel and volume setting.
  • The settings for managing any audio delay can now be extended to a maximum of 200ms.