Foxtel lands on PlayStation 3, PS4 access to come

Convergence is one of those things we’re just in love with, and if you stare at your PlayStation console and wonder why it can’t let you watch cable TV, well, now it can.

Foxtel is coming to PlayStation 3 consoles in the form of an app that will roll out this week, with Foxtel and Sony coming together to deliver packages of Foxtel channels.

Similar to what Microsoft did with its Xbox 360 years ago, Foxtel will now be watchable on the PlayStation 3 console. Unlike the actual Foxtel subscriptions available to people’s homes, this doesn’t incur an installation cost or contract, with the service available month to month, making it a possible solution for people who want to watch Fox Sports during the World Cup, or the Showcase playback of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

“We’re thrilled to continue our drive to expand availability of Foxtel Play for Australian subscribers,” said Rohan Lund, Foxtel’s Chief Operating Officer.

“With the addition of PS3, that expansion just got a massive boost for the 2 million Australians already enjoying great digital experiences on their PlayStation 3 consoles. Today that experience gets even better.”

Interestingly, owners of the PlayStation 4 won’t get access to Foxtel just yet, with the console missing out for the moment. Sony has said the app is coming to the PS4, but hasn’t indicated when that would be. Given the lack of apps and content for the console, we can only imagine owners of the new PlayStation hope that changes soon.

Until then, though, the Foxtel app is available on the PlayStation 3, with packages from Foxtel starting at $50 per month.