Foxtel Mini Mote – the battle for control of the remote just got tougher!

The Mini Mote puts kids in charge of any Foxtel Pay TV box, which is good and bad. Good, in that the toddlers are empowered to select their own shows (and you’re freed from their channel changing demands), and bad in that it empowers them to select their own shows by interrupting yours.

Dressed in colourful kiddy livery, the Mini Mote allows access to Foxtel’s children’s channels only, with each large-hard-capped button taking you straight to Animal Planet, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Playhouse Disney, Nickelodeon, Nick Jnr, or the ad-free BBC channel, CBeebies. In addition, parents can directly program two more channels, such as ABC1 and ABC2, into the remote’s Star or Moon buttons, and use the parental control features standard on Foxtel receivers to restrict access to unsuitable programming on those channels.

Costing $29, Mini Mote turns any Foxtel set-top box on or off, will change or mute volume, and scroll through all channels up or down. It also comes with an image compartment that kids can fill with a photo.

The Foxtel Mini Mote is available at Foxtel kiosks in major shopping centres.