Foxtel on T-Box

Just as the company allowed access to its services using an Xbox 360 games console, pay TV giant Foxtel has now formed an agreement with Telstra to bring its service to T-Box owners over the internet.

Scheduled to go live in June this year, the arrangement will alllow 30 of the most popular Foxtel channels, including Movie One, Fox8 and Discovery, as well as ‘on-demand’ content, to be streamed unmetered to the T-Box. This means that anything that Telstra BigPond ADSL or cable broadband customers choose to view won’t count towards their monthly download quotas.

While what’s on offer is only about 20 percent of the full Foxtel service and pricing for the packages hasn’t yet been released, the additional content makes Telstra’s $299 T-Box a more compelling option in shoppers in the crowded HD PVR market. The T-Box also allows customers to stream BigPond TV and rent movies from BigPond 1000-plus movie catalogue via an internet connection.