Foxtel’s IQ2 – all 4 tuners now switched on

Foxtel has switched on its iQ2’s four-tuner functionality, which means subscribers can now use the PVR to record two programs while watching a third one live, simultaneously. For example, a typical night in might mean watching live Monday Night Football while recording Project Runway and a movie for the kids, all at the same time. The IQ2’s fourth tuner is reserved for Foxtel’s interactive HD and Box Office on-demand services.

This ability to record what you want, when you want and not argue over the remote produces “a more harmonious household for both families and couples”, according to research on PVR use. The research (by Consumer Analysis Limited for electronics firm NDS) also revealed that some 75 percent of households find their PVR an indispensable bit of technology and 76 percent reported fewer household arguments over what to watch. Furthermore, 78 percent of couples surveyed said that their relationships had been dramatically enhanced thanks to their PVRs, as each person can enjoy their own programs.

Foxtel has also extended its EPG to provide 14 days of advance programming information for IQ and IOQ2 subscribers. A fortnight’s worth of advance program information can also be viewed online at, with the schedule able to be searched via genre, keyword and classification, and recordings automatically scheduled from A PC or 3G phone using the Remote Record function.