Fridgeception: LG expands its door-in-door program with a luxury model

If you have a big family or a big house to fill with food, the latest fridge from LG is sure to grab some attention, packing in 951 litres and features another door inside of a door.

Initially launched last year, the LG door-in-door concept, also known as “DID,” made it possible to take specific foods out of the fridge – such as bottles and drinks – without exposing the rest of the fridge to the open air of the real world.

We call it “fridgeception,” as the extra door allows you to see inside parts of the fridge that opening the regular door won’t do, while still offering a large amount of space inside. In essence, you’re taking advantage of the door space, which is normally just filled with insulation material and other plastics.

In LG’s latest model, the fridge has been pushed to its limits, with the massive 907 litre French door model from last year moving to the second position, one-upped by the 951L five door model released this week.

The fridge also features a two door freezer, offering the same type of access to your frozen food as it would the rest of the food in the refrigerator.

Aside for an extra door – and more space – fridge aims to deliver in style.

“Style,” I hear you say. “It’s a fridge, how can it deliver style?”

For this model, LG has teamed up with Swarovski Elements to provide the sleek black fridge a finish and look that makes it more than functional, but desirable as well.

“According to our research, consumers are seeking appliances that not only meet their functional needs, but also those that look good and suit the style of their kitchen,” said LG’s Kambro Skropidis, Marketing General Manager for LG in Australia.

“By utilising Swarovski Elements, we’ve created a luxurious and modern refrigerator that meets the demand for a larger capacity refrigerator, while also providing more options for consumers looking to reflect their own personality into home design.”

Pricing for this massive fridge has been set at $4049, which is called the “GR-5D951L” and will be coming to stores later this month.