Fujitsu P63XHA30WS

If you’re looking for a big screen, you need go no further than the Fujitsu P63XHA30WS. At 63 inches (160 cm), it’s a giant. That said, you really need a living room large enough to do the monster screen justice. A large screen of this kind used to have to settle for lower resolution than the smaller panels. However, the P63XHA30WS can handle the same 1366 x 768 as its 50 inch brethren, which means it can handle a 1080i high-definition signal without breaking a sweat.

Fujitsu also has some smart electronics in the screen to handle colour, and the Advanced Video Movement engine to smooth out motion and remove flicker. The screen sadly doesn’t feature an HDMI connector, but it does have a DVI-D port for digital input.

Not surprisingly, for a massive and well-equipped screen of this type, the price is hefty, but if big screen viewing is what you want, the P63XHA30WS delivers in spades.

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