Full LED meets Full HD

Korean electronics giant, LG is looking to sell 3-4 million LED LCD televisions globally this year and, locally, has followed up on the release of its Borderless SL80 with the 55 inch LH95. LG calls this a ‘Full LED’ TV, claiming it uses seven times more LEDs (total: 3360) than existing edge-lit televisions to produce brighter, clearer pictures. An enhanced dimming feature divides the full HD resolution screen in 200 blocks, allowing light from the LEDs to be more precisely controlled in response to the video material on the screen, and at just 24.8 mm thick, the distance between the LEDs and the LH95’s screen is minimal – meaning maximum brightness is transferred.

LG also integrates 200Hz technology to maintain “a vibrant, smooth image even during fast paced action scenes,” and the ability to receive uncompressed 1080p video from DVD players, games consoles and home theatres systems. The LH95 LED LCD TV costs $6499.