Funerals now possible with virtual attendance

Recently, GadgetGuy’s online editor made his wedding available to friends and family overseas by way of a live stream, but weddings aren’t the only thing you can virtually attend, with funerals joining that list.

Funeral chapels and parlours in Australia could soon have less physical attendants and more virtual ones if a new live streaming system takes off.

The system comes from New Zealand and is called “One Room,” with the concept being a funeral streamed to invited guests so they don’t have to go to the event, fitting if they’re unwell or wish not to be confronted by the scene.

According to the creators, the system will offer views of the audience, pulpit, and coffin, with the footage available to re-watch for up to three months past the date.

While we’re not sure this will be everyone’s cup of tea as a concept, it will at least offer those too sick or problematic to travel a chance to say goodbye from afar, with the service offered on phones, computers, and tablets.