G-Tech goes on the hunt for creative types

One of the world’s leaders in external hard drives that caters for speedy storage for the creative community is on the hunt for for photographers and videographers.

The competition, which runs on Facebook, is just like one run by Hitachi last year, which makes sense since G-Technology came from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, also known as HGST.

We first saw the competition last year when it encouraged photographers and videographers to get in touch with the street and make some work based on street photography.

This year, the topic is “the times they are a-changin,” and G-Technology is asking budding photographers and filmmakers to get behind the lens and make a video or photo based on the interpretation of that slogan. We’re told that the prizes include more hard drives designed for the creative people out there, with cash prizes also in the mix.

G-Tech’s competition closes on October 28, though, so if you’re keen to flex that artistic muscle for the sake of winning something decent, you’ll want to do it quickly.