GadgetGuy 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Star Wars fans

There’s no denying it: the new Star Wars movie will be just about the biggest deal this year as far as movies go, so why not get a piece of tech that works with the biggest film of the year?

Luckily, there are a few options available to you.

Star Wars Remote Control X-Wing


Price: $129

One of the first toys that screams “Star Wars”, the remote control X-Wing is a remote control flyer that will give you moments of joy as you fly your very own pint-sized X-Wing complete with R2D2 in the computer-aided pilot seat.

In truth, this is a toy from Air Hogs that you’ll throw in the air and then control with a big remote control. We’re not sure how long it will stay in the air or even if the remote will do much, but if you have a big enough space, this could be a fun diversion.

Sphero BB-8


Price: $249

Easily one of the most obvious buys for a Star Wars fan-person this year, BB-8 is basically the ultimate Star Wars toy.

Forget about bending that Wookie, because this is a pint-sized version of the robot from the upcoming movie. You can roll it around yourself, let it do its own patrol, or just let someone hold it and control it like a puppeteer.

And hey, there are even augmented reality holograms.

Seriously, this about as close to having your own R2D2 as it gets.

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Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda


Price: $499

If a robotic BB-8 isn’t Star Wars enough for you, why not a robot Yoda?

This one is more of a toy than a robot, but it’s kind of robotic because you can sort of train with a Yoda of sorts, even if he does kind of look a little like Anthony Hopkins.

Star Wars 1TB Limited Edition PlayStation 4


Price: $549

It’s not an overly special “special edition”, but the Star Wars edition of the Sony PlayStation 4 comes with Darth Vader, and lots of it.

There’s good ol’ Darth on the console, an angry looking PS4 controller, and a copy of “Star Wars: Battlefront”, and that’s basically it.

But hey, it’s a Star Wars special edition, and there won’t be another for a while, if ever.

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HP Star Wars laptop


Price: $1299

If you know someone in need of a new computer with a love for Star Wars, there’s good chance they’ll be into HP’s Star Wars edition laptop. While it may not be the highest spec, it comes with a bunch of things we’ve not yet seen from a laptop, such as attention to fans.

Specifically, that fan fare (see what we did there?) includes over a thousand images from behind the scenes including storyboards and costumes, special screensaver, and a specifically designed Star Wars theme for Windows 10.

Oh, and the machine looks like it was stolen from an Imperial base, too, so while “these” may not be the droids you’re looking for, this may well be the computer you’re looking for.

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