GadgetGuy iPad Accessory Guide

Apple has made lotsaloot through selling Mac Books, iPods and iPhones, but more has been made through sales of protective screens, power solutions, cases, pouches, sleeves, carry bags, headphones and other peripherals for these devices.

A handful of these accessories are made by Apple, but the bulk comes from companies which have come to specialise in manufacturing for the big fruit.

It’s a win-win-win arrangement: Apple gets the accessories it needs (plus a royalty on each official accessory sale); third-party manufacturers get to make accessories for Apple, and shoppers get the Apple hardware and add-ons they want. Beautiful.

Of course, the number of Apple accessories is set to explode with the arrival of the iPad on Friday 28 May, and we’ve collected here the most interesting, important, useful and pretty items currently available. All products featured in our videos are available for sale in Australia.

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