GadgetGuy lands on Android smartphones

Here at GadgetGuy, we’ve been working on some cool new projects, one which we’re ready to unveil and show: the GadgetGuy app for Android.

Designed for smartphones running Google Android 2.2 and above, the free app will show you the latest news, product reviews, and buyers guides from the GadgetGuy website.

You can find the app on Google Play now, but be sure to leave us feedback. We’ve started work on apps for the iPhone and iPad, as well as tablets running Google Android Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich.

Be sure to tell us what you want and we’ll try to make it happen!


  1. Any chance that you might have the answer that is bugging so many people who have bought an Android 2.2 tablet inasmuch as it keeps insisting that “There are no Android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account.”
    I have Android Market installed, but it is useless due to this problem.  I am unable to install any programs because of this.

    1. Is this about our app or your Android tablet in general?

      It actually sounds like you don’t have a Google account connected to your tablet, which is pretty much required for any Android device.

      1. I do have a Google email account and the tablet knows all about it, but I still have the problem that was writing about.  I want to download ebooks but need the specific programs to run them, but I can’t get passed this problem.  Just how to I get my tablet to acknowledge my Google account for downloading purposes?

        1. What tablet is it? Some tablets do have issues with Google Market and the Google apps. It’s not a Google issue, believe it or not, but rather an issue with the manufacturer of the tablet, or it has been in the cases we’ve seen it on.

          Do you have shortcuts for Gmail, Talk, or Market in your menu?

          1. It’s a WonderMedia WM8650. I do have shortcuts for Gmail, Market, App Market, MSN Talk.
            Problem is that it seems to think my tablet is a phone. When I try to sign in in Market, it says it can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server.

  2. Great!! Now I can get good unbiased Aussie-base tech info on my phone in a easy to use format. But as already posted – add competition entry to the app.

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