GadgetGuy live from CES

The world’s biggest tech love-in kicks off in Las Vegas tomorrow, and our three gadgeteers are primed, primped and ready to post direct from the expo floor of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to the GadgetGuy site throughout the coming week.

You can view news and events as they happen by logging onto our liveblog site at, or simply click the graphic (see below) at the top right of our home page to go straight to all the latest photos and commentary.

View live updates from GadgetGuy reporters at CES where you see this graphic on the home page.

The live CES feed starts on Tuesday morning at roughly 4am AEDST – when the show officially opens in the US – but our correspondents have already filed some highlights from the ‘CES Unveiled’ preview event. Check out the 84 inch tablet, and stay tuned to this week’s live feed for updates as they happen, plus the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Camera!