GadgetGuy top adviser in new Ministry of Gadgets!

The Minister for Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy announced a departmental name change at today’s launch of NBN Co’s $32.5m operations centre in Melbourne’s Docklands.

Standing alongside Gadget Guy™ of, Pete Blasina the Minister announced that, with the longest title in the Cabinet, it was time to change the ministry’s title from that of  “Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy” to the “Ministry of Gadgets”. Senator Conroy said he was pleased that his new title was the Minister for Gadgets.

The Minister also announced that “it therefore made perfect sense to announce that his new senior adviser would be Pete Blasina, the Gadget Guy.

“Pete brings an enormous amount of credibility and cache to the freshly named ministry and I’m looking forward to working with him in the future,” said Senator Conroy at the launch of the National Broadband Network’s central hub this morning.

Known for wearing brightly coloured, highly patterned shirts, the Gadget Guy said his first order of business would be to design a Ministry of Gadgets shirt so that members of the ministry could be easily identified in the parliament and when out and about in public. (The digitally enhanced photo of Senator Conroy that heads this article models a concept design.)

Senator Conroy said, “I’m really looking forward to my new shirt and the statement it makes about the public face of the grooviest ministry of them all. Now we can walk the walk rather than walk the talk as we have done in the past. I think my new title as “Minister for Gadgets” better reflects my engagement with the ICT sector.”


The Network Service and Operations Centre (NSOC) enables NBN Co to monitor the network across the country, detect faults, manage orders and support the telephone and internet service providers that will sell broadband services to the public.