GadgetGuy’s Complete Apple iPad Coverage

The GadgetGuy team are one of the only few Australian teams hard at work in San Francisco to bring you news and hands-on impressions of Apple’s latest member of the family, the Apple iPad.

We’ll be updating this page as more content comes in, but for now, check out what we’ve got online:

Do we really need the iPad?
Apple’s main man Steve Jobs opened a huge can of worms sharing with us the iPad, the “true third category device”. But over a week on, we’re asking the question do we really need one?

See how games run on the Apple iPad
While in San Francisco, the GadgetGuy Team picked up the new Apple iPad to see how video games performed.

Apple takes on the Kindle with the iPad
Amazon’s Kindle better watch out because Apple has got some serious competition in the form of iBook.

Video Hands-On: Apple iPad
Getting a first look before any other Australian, The GadgetGuy team are in San Francisco with a video camera and the beautiful Apple iPad.

Hands-On: Apple iPad
Before it evens reaches Australian shores, our GadgetGuy team have the Apple iPad in their hands.

Live from San Francisco: Apple iPad announced!
On the ground and at the site of the Apple’s big conference, our team gives us the heads up on everything Apple iPad.

Apple announces the iPad
Quelling all the rumours, Apple announced the newest family member this morning: the iPad.