Gadgets for travellers

Whoever said you can’t take it with you sure wasn’t taking about movies and music. Whether it’s a long-haul flight, daily commute, holiday road trip or just time for chillin’ by the pool or in your bedroom, Nic Tatham’s round-up of gear is sure to keep you personally entertained.

Apple iPods

A few years ago, music on the move (forget about movies) meant the original Walkman. Audiocassettes were the only way to compile your own playlists and, with both sides recorded, you’d have around 100 minutes of lo-fi analog listening. Boy, how times have changed. My 4GB Walkman will hold (at average quality) over 900 songs and play up to 15 hours of video, but this is small fry compared to what some portable devices are capable of storing.

Apple’s largest capacity iPod Classic, for example, boasts specs on par with home PCs from not very long ago. Up to 120GB of memory equates to 30,000 songs, 150 hours of video or 25,000 photos in your hip pocket. Joining it – and heading up Apple’s collection as “the funnest iPod ever” – is the iPod Touch. There’s capacity for 7000 MP3 files and up to 40 hours of video, a wireless web browser, the ability to send and receive emails or find the nearest coffee shop via GPS.

You can even download movies, games and TV shows from Apple’s online iTunes and Apps store, and when paired with the Nike + iPod shoes and sports kit, loads of feedback about your run or workout (eg. distance travelled, time taken, calories burned) is transmitted from your sneakers directly to your Touch… and without interruption to your best motivation music.

Apple iPod Classic and iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch from $329 8GB (pictured left), and Apple iPod Classic 120GB $339 (centre and right)