Galaxy Z Flip 11 February – Samsung joins the flip fray

Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung will join the flip fracas with its Galaxy Z Flip rumoured to be launched on 11 February – along with the next flagship Galaxy S-series – the S20.

We call it a fracas as Motorola has just launched (available 24 February) its Razr flip – a killer concept at a killer price ($2699). Still, what price do you put on style? Maybe Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip will answer that.

We don’t have a lot of details – the Galaxy Z Flip is not here yet

Galaxy Z Flip render

We do know it’s a perfect square when folded and does not have the Razr’s prominent chin. Unofficial renders put it at about 12mm thin (when folded) with a flexible glass AMOLED screen.

Here the most significant difference is that the Razr has a 6.2-inch P-OLED (plastic) 2124×876, 21:9 floating screen versus the 6.7-inch Galaxy Z Flip’s fixed ‘ultra-thin glass’ 2636 x 1080 with a 22:9 screen.

The Galaxy Z Flip will allow the screen to be angled at 90° (using the bottom half as a stand) and partitioned into top and bottom panels – the Razr is open or closed. There will be a small front notification screen.

Processor wise it looks to be a Qualcomm SD855+ 8/256GB versus the Razr SD710 6/128GB. The Razr processor is less powerful, but we wonder at the merit of putting the world’s fastest processor in the Galaxy Z Flip – heat, battery etc.

The battery is 3,300mAh (Razr 2,150) with 15W fast and wireless charge and reverse charge.

Camera: It may have the new 108MP Samsung sensor (binned to 18MP), but our money is on a 12+12/10MP primary/ultra-wide/selfie setup.

Price: Well, tech ain’t cheap – about $100 less than a Razr. That actually lends credibility to the Razr price but the Samboys will be crowing about way superior specifications. Motorola has its style icon.

But given Samsung’s propensity to milk every model for what it is worth we may see a Z Flip economy, and pro (7.2”) models. Samsung website here but details will not be published until 11 February.