Games more compelling with new Razer motion controller

Motion gaming has often been seen by hardcore gamers as something of a gimmick, with only a few Wii, Kinect, and Move titles really hitting any nerves. But this could soon change with a peripheral that brings motion controls to over 250 PC and Mac titles.

Built by gaming accessory manufacturer Razer and designed by motion-engineering company Sixense, the Hydra is a controller that takes advantage of an electromagnetic field for hand-tracking while gamers hold two controllers.

It’s one controller for each hand in the Hydra, with motion changing the way the games respond, effectively allowing for a new way to experience titles including Half-Life 2 and Portal 2, as well as many other that run on the Steam platform available on both Mac and Windows.

“The Razer Hydra’s magnetic motion-sensing technology is the fastest and most precise to deliver a level of gaming immersion other motion-sensing tech in the industry right now can only dream of,” said Robert Krakoff, President of Razer. “Gamers are going to experience Valve’s new and legacy games in an amazing and fun way.”

A spokesperson for Razer told us that while the Hydra will be arriving in Australia soon, it couldn’t confirm a price beyond $100 US. Given the strength of the Aussie dollar, here’s hoping the Hydra doesn’t move too far.