Gaming gets you outside with the Parrot AR.Drone

While it looks a little like a UFO, this flying object can be identified – and controlled – by an iPhone.

Set to be released on November 30, the $349 Parrot AR.Drone is the first of its kind: a remote control flying machine that offers augmented reality gaming.

Instead of just being a helicopter, the AR.Drone is a "quadricopter," using four propellers with brushless motors to keep it in the air. Unlike conventional remote control toys, the remote can be found in the form of an app made for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Up close and personal with a propeller on the AR.Drone. 

Coupled with two on-board cameras, the remote control application lets you see what the AR.Drone sees and fly however you want. You can fly up, down, left, right, and even take it for spins as if you were in the pilot's seat.

Throw another AR.Drone in the mix and you can play some augmented reality gaming, superimposing a battle environment into the application and letting your two Drones fight it out in the sky.

This is gaming on a different level, with a flight simulator being made into a toy that you can fly when you're out and about. We took it for a spin and found that while it can take some getting used to, this is one toy that we hope to find under the tree this year.