Garmin brings the future with a head-up display

Ever since science fiction told us that our data could appear magically over our heads, we’ve been intrigued with the concept of the heads-up display, a set of information that shows itself above actual controls, like it was projected there. Cars that do support this generally have it built in from the get go, but Garmin has plans for the rest of us.

Provided you have access to Garmin’s StreetPilot for iPhone or Navigon for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, you can send GPS information over Bluetooth to a heads-up display being developed by Gamrin.

The product relies on a tiny projector to send the information to a transparent piece of film you attach to your windscreen, which will show details from the GPS app, such as your current speed, the speed limit of the area, your next turn, and the estimated time of arrival.

Interestingly, the product isn’t expected to be expensive, with a US recommended retail price of $129.99 when it’s released in the next couple of months, though this doesn’t include the required Garmin GPS software for your smartphone. However, owners of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and S4 are likely to find themselves in good luck here, as Navigon is one of the included pieces of software on their devices, which from what we hear is supported.

Pricing in Australia, as well as availability, has yet to be confirmed, but we suspect this will be coming, as this product really does extend the GPS in a way that could make it safer and easier for drivers to see what to do next.