Now that smartwatches are more or less certified as a big deal this year (hey, they were a big deal last year, too!), Garmin will be bringing two more out, upgrading the Fenix range to version 3, which now looks more resistant to the elements and includes tracking for a variety of activities as well as a new heart rate tracking technology to measure the output of your heart from your wrist.

With a colour screen and a look more like that of an outdoors and exercise-based watch, this is one smartwatch that takes the smartwatch idea and applies a look more like the rest of the brand, resulting in a gadget that definitely doesn’t look me-too.

Garmin’s Fenix 3 will arrive in February from $939, with a titanium option also coming for $1249, and if that last one grabs you, the second Garmin smartwatch may also.


Made to look like the sort of thing that Bear Grylls would probably wear, Garmin’s Tactix Bravo is a GPS smartwatch featuring a slightly more powerful antenna and a high-sensitivity GPS capable of storing up to 1000 waypoints.

There’s a look that Garmin says has been inspired by special operations and law enforcement, and that’s pretty clear from the black almost-ominous design, but while it’s black with a carbon coating to stop scratches, the screen is still colour, relying on the same platform as the Garmin Fenix.


This one’s a totally different model, mind you, but if you fancy your smartwatch to look black, beefy, and industrial grade, you’ll find the Garmin Tactix Bravo in stores around the same time as the other two CES announcements, hitting February for a recommended retail price of $1099.