Garmin finds a way to help you find your dog, just not in Australia

If you have a lot of land or you take your pup to a big park, you’re probably a touch concerned about the critter getting lost, or running off during a thunderstorm or fireworks. For these instance, Garmin has a solution.

It’s called a GPS, or more specifically, a GPS for your dog.

This week in America, the company is showing off a new model that throws GPS tracking technology into a heavier collar, with the rugged DC50 collar being useful for larger dogs, and supporting battery saving modes, a reasonably big antenna, and the ability to track dogs for up to almost 15 kilometres.

The collar works alongside another of Garmin’s products, the Astro, which work together with satellites to provide a tracking system for dogs in large spaces.

The solution has been designed mostly for game dogs, so don’t expect to be installing one of these on your Chihuahua or Jack Russell, as it’s just likely to get bogged down by weight, and want to sit down chewing on a bone.

Interestingly, there’s also a feature called “Bark Detection” which will inform the owner when the pup is barking, even out of range.

Unfortunately for Australians, Garmin has no plans to release the Astro in Australia, so if you’re itching to try one out for your own dog, you’ll have to head overseas.