Garmin nuvi 1000 series GPS devices

Garmin has launched their latest range of personal navigation devices in time for Father’s Day and summer holiday road trips. At just 15.5 mm, the ultra-thin family of navigators is 25% slimmer than Garmin’s previous range and includes the nuvi 1250, nuvi 1260, nuvi 1350, nuvi 1390, and nuvi 1390T, each providing a perfect accessory for your car.

Road and lane guidance

Garmin nuvi 1350, 1390 and 1390T all feature Lane Assist. This feature highlights the lane that drivers should be in using a series of arrows which represent lanes in the top left corner of the screen.

In addition, nuvi 1390 and 1390T include Garmin’s distinctive Real View Advanced Lane Guidance that accurately depicts the surrounding environment by providing a true to life representation of the scene a driver would see on approaching an intersection, and provides visual guidance. Powered by Whereis, this guidance can be which lane, side of road, slip way or branch the driver should steer down to follow the specified route. These units also include text to speech capability that enables the annunciation of names and upcoming roads, all of which will help you effortlessly limit any errors or false turns when driving in unfamiliar locations.

All Garmin nüvi in-car GPS products utilise Whereis comprehensive mapping and a range of features to assist in navigation. With dual mapping of both Australia and New Zealand, Whereis mapping provides over 600,000 Points of Interest within Australia in 85 categories, and over 110,000 Points of Interest within New Zealand in 75 categories, including petrol stations, dining, parking, shopping, banks, hotels, hospitals, cinemas, cafe/pubs and much more.

Fuel efficiency; Hands-free operation

To help road trippers conserve fuel, these devices come standard with Garmin’s ecoRoute, which will suggest the most fuel-efficient route for your journey. Through ecoRoute’s Fuel Report and Mileage Report, drivers can focus on and plan their fuel conservation, when not behind the wheel and also find fuel-saving tips along the way. ecoRoute’s Driving Challenge helps drivers improve certain driving habits which can help increase overall fuel efficiency.

To ensure you arrive at your destination safe and sound, all models in the 1000 series come preloaded with red light and speed cameras for Australia. Alongside this feature, Garmin also provides an ‘overspeed alert’. Speed limits are now provided for most major metropolitan areas, most major road networks and interconnecting roads across Australia on the 1000 nuvi devices; if drivers are exceeding the speed limit on these roads the speed will go red.

For hands free calling, the nuvi 1260, 1390 and 1390T all integrate Bluetooth wireless technology with a built in microphone and speaker.. The Bluetooth capability is easily identified by choosing a black unit, whilst non-Bluetooth users can select a silver unit that doesn’t have this feature.

Real-time traffic info

Traffic will no longer be an issue with Garmin’s Integrated Real-Time FM Traffic Receiver. Simply add on the optional receiver (RRP $129) to the nuvi 1200 and 1300 series and the Suna Traffic Channel broadcasts alerts about traffic delays and road construction that lie ahead on your route if you are in Sydney Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Next, simply touch nuvi’s screen to view traffic details or detour around the problem area.

The traffic service will not only caution you in regards to the traffic delay, but will provide you with the cause of the delay whether it be due to; major traffic congestion, road works and closures, accidents, public events and weather warnings affecting roads. Available only in Australia, the nuvi 1390T takes traffic control to the next level, providing a Traffic Ready capability straight out of the box.

Ease of use

The Garmin nuvi range combines simple icons with a minimalist appearance on screens that are easy to read, even in direct sunlight. The nüvi 1300 series all boast a bright 4.3″ touchscreen display and the nuvi 1200 series feature a bright 3.5″ touchscreen display. Garmin’s engineering ensures subtle differences to easily navigate the device as well as the road.

Simply hold down the back button to easily jump back to the main menu is just one example of the intuitive user experience provided.

You don’t need to know the suburb where you are going, the nüvi will intelligently find it for you by entering in only the street name – perfect for those situations where you are unfamiliar with the exact address.

If you don’t know exactly where you are utilise the “Where am I?” feature simply by tapping the screen to find your exact position, address and nearest intersection, as well as essential services like the nearest hospital, police station or service stations nearby.

Price and availability

All of the new devices are available in store now. The recommended retail price for these models is as follows:

  • nuvi 1250 $299
  • nuvi 1260 $349
  • nuvi 1350 $399
  • nuvi 1390 $449
  • nuvi 1390T $549