Geek Pride Day 25 May – expose your inner geek

Geek Pride Day

Geek Pride Day is an initiative to promote geek culture, celebrated annually on May 25. It started in Spain in 2006 and spread around the world. How else? Via the Internet.

Geek Pride Day day is typified by role-playing games, cosplay, parades and dress-up as your favourite character. The Geek Pride Day Manifesto includes (sorry it has been loosely translated from Spanish)

Geek Pride DayRights and duties of the geek

  • To be more geek
  • To stay at home
  • Not to have a partner and be a virgin
  • Not to like football or sports
  • To have few friends (or none)
  • To have all the frikis (freaky) friends who love each other
  • Not to go to fashion (be a slave to)
  • Be overweight and have myopia
  • To exhibit one’s own freakiness
  • To dominate the World

How to be a geek (Homework)

  • Be a geek, despite everything
  • Try to be more geek than another
  • If there is any discussion about a geek topic, give your opinion
  • Safeguard all the geek stuff
  • Do everything possible to expose the geek material as if it were a “Frikismo Museum”
  • Do not be a geek of everything. You have to specialise in something.
  • Go to the premiere of any movie geek, buy a book or DVD geek before anyone else
  • Wait and queue before a geek premiere. If you wear a geek shirt, better
  • Do not get rid of anything never relative to the geek world.
  • Try to dominate the world

Geek Pride Day

Geek Pride Day bought to you by Western Digital

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Geek Pride Day