Generation Kill – a mini series from the creators of The Wire

Generation Kill is a 7-part mini series looking at the Iraq invasion, as experienced by an elite Marines unit. Generation Kill is a drama, but uses real events and real names, and is based on the non-fiction book of the same name, written by Evan Wright, an embedded journalist in the 2003 conflict.

The mini series is written and produced by David Simon and Ed Burns, creators of the brilliant TV show ‘The Wire‘. Incidentally, ‘The Wire’, which Channel 9 showed extremely intermittently, well, it pretty much hid the show from viewers, is soon to be shown on Channel 2 – from episode 1 right through the 5 seasons of the show.

The cast doesn’t have what you would consider any big names, but there is an element of realism in that some of the actual soldiers portrayed are not only advisers on the show, a few of them are also in the cast.


  • Part 1 Get Some
  • Part 2 The Cradle of Civilisation
  • Part 3 Screwby
  • Part 4 Combat jack
  • Part 5 A Burning Dog
  • Part 6 Stay Frosty
  • Part 7 Bomb in the Garden

Special features

  • Generation Kill: A Conversation with the First Recon Marines – roundtable discussion led by Evan Wright, author of Generation Kill
  • Making Generation Kill – exclusive interviews with writers and producers, cast and crew
  • Eric Laden’s video diaries
  • Audio commentaries – six audio commentaries with creators David Simon and Ed Burns and author Evan Wright
  • Deleted dialogues

Price and availability

Generation Kill will go on sale in the DVD format on 30 September, at an RRP of $39.95.