Get access to your visual assets with the new FotoWeb 3.0


With more than 12 years experience as a software development company, and 2.7 million licenses sold worldwide, FotoWare plays a pioneer role in the industry of digital imaging.

For a decade FotoWare has delivered web-based solutions to the demanding market of newspaper and publishing houses. These customers have very complex workflows and millions of pictures. FotoWeb is the ideal tool for media professionals needing to share their visual assets in an intranet or extranet solution, or providing access to a much broader user-base over the internet.

Todayys release of FotoWeb 3.0 opens new opportunities for non-English users. For global reach, in addition to the English language version, accessibility to FotoWeb 3.0 is now supplied in Chinese, French, German and Norwegian.

FotoWeb 3.00s new Data Mining functionality is a revolutionary way to explore image and document archives by offering alternative views of data, based on keywords. Drill Down queries allow users to easily navigate through large numbers of documents without the need for pre-defined search criteria.

>FotoWeb is all about image accessibility to the user. With several new languages and sophisticated tools to help you find exactly what you are looking for, when you need it. FotoWeb 3.0 sets new standards for image accessibilityy, says Ole Christian Frenning, founder and CEO of FotoWare a.s.

Commenting on the forthcoming Australian release, Professional Markets National Business Manager at Maxwell Optical Industries, FotoWarees Australian distributor stated, A number of very high volume existing Australian clients using earlier versions of FotoWeb have already proved the value of a web-centric approach to image archive access in the news and stock image library market..

>The new generation FotoWeb 3.0 adds greater ease of use, more powerful search and retrieval criteria and opens FotoWebbs value to a much broader range of users of image archives. We see major benefits for organizations such as insurance companies, medical and educational institutions, museums and others required to make available large numbers of visual records to widely dispersed audiences, yet requiring selective high quality security, where different users are automatically provided appropriate archive access,, Wallace added.

FotoWeb 3.0 is easily managed in a web administration console with full Active Directory integration. Single Sign On allows users to access the application directly if they are already logged on to the network.