Getting ready to use your Digital SLR camera

You’ve spent hours researching which Digital SLR camera is right for you; you’ve shopped around for the best price; you’ve saved your pennies and now you’ve made “the” purchase! So, what’s in the box?

You should have:

  • A bag containing some CDs loaded with software, warranties and, most importantly, the instruction manual – so make sure you keep this in a safe place because you will find yourself consulting it often.
  • There will also be some data transfer cables – keep these safe too. You’ll need them later.
  • The camera body itself.

The video below runs you over what you can expect to find in the box, how a digital SLR camera works, the variety of lenses available, how to fit lenses, must-have filters, and more.

Video – Getting ready to use your Digital SLR camera