gizmo launches in Tassie – tech help for Hobart homes and small businesses

gizmo, the flexible support service created to help everyone bring their computers and digital gear to life in the home, today launched their on-site services in Hobart.

Residents in Hobart’s metro area can now call out professional gizmotechs to their home to help them with computer set-ups and maintenance, home networking, repairs and upgrades, health checks, and one-on-one computer tuition.

gizmo will also have a presence in the Hobart branches of Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, and Clive Peeters to provide the ultimate in convenience and service to city residents.

“We are delighted to be launching in Hobart”, said company co-founder and CEO Brett Chenoweth. “gizmo’s services have been enthusiastically taken up by Australians across the nation, who are either ‘time poor’ or lacking in the knowledge to make the most of their digital life.”

According to gizmo research, Australians are taking up new household technologies and gadgets in record numbers, yet don’t know who to call to get the help that they really need and have been wearing out their welcome by always relying on family and friends for help.

Chenoweth continued, “With the popularity of digital devices currently surging, there has been a huge increase of devices and gadgets connecting to computers in the home. We now have wireless home networking, gaming consoles, all sorts of mobile devices and more complex TV’s and multimedia players. And linking all these devices together so they work seamlessly is no easy feat. This is where gizmo comes in – we can bring the experts to your door.

“The reason that we started the company was that we identified a real need in the market for someone to offer professional, technical computer support to consumers and small businesses.

“Just as you might call a plumber to fix your pipes, and an electrician to fix your lights, you can call gizmo to fix your bytes!”

Source: gizmo