Glasses-free 3D TV with picture better than Full HD unveiled by Toshiba

The first consumer-focused TV with a resolution beyond that of 1080p Full HD, the ZL2 looks like it’s going to be one impressive set, adopting technologies few homes have seen.

First up is 3D, with the glasses practically being thrown away here. For the 55 inch ZL2, Toshiba is taking advantage of an integrated camera to track the faces of those watching. There’s support for up to nine different viewing positions, with the TV adjusting the viewing zone for each person by shifting lenticular lens lets in the screen.

Then there’s the resolution, and that’s beyond what most people know to be 1080p Full HD. For the first time, Toshiba is delivering what is known as “Quad Full HD”, a resolution of 3840×2160 compared with the resolution of 1920×1080 found in 1080p.

Sadly, Blu-ray titles and games encoded for 720p and 1080p will be a little out of class here, which is why Toshiba is including its Resolution+ technology, effectively bringing lower resolution image quality up to the high spec that Quad Full HD brings.

There’s also 2D to 3D conversion, remote control using iOS, a built-in subwoofer, straight-to-USB video recording, IPTV, four HDMI ports, two USB, WiFi, DLNA, and an ambient light sensor.

And then there’s the expected price, and at 7,999 euros ($10,687 Australian dollars), it’s not going to be easy on the wallet. Release in Australia has yet to be confirmed, but with the ZL2 arriving in December in Germany, we can’t be too far off.


  1. If and thats if i undderstand correctly , this article it telling me it basiclly upscales blu ray too the high resolution ??  well depends on the results sounds pretty amazing to me , of corse a new video developed for this resolution will look better of corse but still sounds great the next wave of generation television is around the corner not not metion glass-less 3dtv ??

  2. I like the idea of the technology, but I always feel that new uptakers always get taken for a ride, they are the ones who pay for research and developement, then once that’s paid for, the prices crash down! Look at smart TV, in the beginning it cost thousands to get a smart TV, but now, as little as $800 and you have your very own smart TV. So, who’se going to be the suckers this time?

  3. Nearly $11,000…good heavens…Impressive TV but I think I would be looking at the blank screen and wondering what else I could have bought for that price.    Wow !!

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