Globalgig adds new locations for more wireless overseas

Having internet where ever you go is pretty vital these days, and we’re big fans of being prepared. Good news if you’re headed to Ireland or Hong Kong, because the mobile WiFi hotspot that is Globalgig has added some locations.

Launched originally with support for wireless internet support in the UK, USA, and Australia, the world-friendly mobile broadband service is adding more nations, connecting with Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, and Hong Kong.

Pricing is reportedly dropping for Globalgig, too, with some very competitive prices on large quantities of data rumoured to be in the pipeline.

“There are some exciting changes coming for customers, and we’ll let you know soon,” said a representative for GlobalGig in Australia to GadgetGuy this week.

We tested and reviewed the Globalgig on our recent trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and aside for chewing through battery and overheating easily, it managed to provide a decent service for us, switching from 2G to 3G connection as and when it needed to.

With new locations working for the hotspot, this accessory is shaping up to be one of the bits and pieces that may become a permanent fixture in our travel bags.