GlobalGig expands international 3G data service to more than a hotspot

Going on holiday? You’ll probably be needing some mobile data so you can Facebook, tweet, and send emails, and that’s where Aussie company GlobalGig is coming in, packing its 3G mobile data solution so you can use it in any device, not just its WiFi dongle.

The last time we took a GlobalGig product for a spin, it was CES and we relied heavily on the company’s mobile WiFi hotspot to help us deliver the latest in the world of consumer technology from Las Vegas.

We wondered back then if it wouldn’t just be easier for GlobalGig to deliver its international data service to a SIM that we could use in whatever device we wanted, such as an iPad, a SIM-capable camera (like Samsung’s Galaxy Camera), or a computer.

It appears our wants are finally turning into actual things, as GlobalGig is this week announcing its mobile data service will be bundled into a SIM to be used by any device you have, with plans that work in Australia, as well as other parts of the world.

Locals who wish to use 3G in Australia can pay $9 for 1GB inside our borders, or if they go somewhere else, can pay $19 for 1GB internationally, with the country list including UK, USA, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, and Sweden.

Other places are supported too, such as Belgium, Greece, Germany, Monaco, and New Zealand, but will cost 20 cents per megabyte extra on top of the $19 for 1GB price that’s already in place.

“Our value proposition is a simple one and an unmatched one,” said James Boardman, General Manager of GlobalGig.

“This means no more panic over data roaming or looking for the nearest WiFi when you land overseas, you simply connect to GlobalGig and use your device as you would normally within Australia, whichever country you’re in.”

If you don’t have a device to use the SIM card in, GlobalGig still has its mobile hotspot designed to connect up to five devices wirelessly, available now for $49, otherwise you’ll find the SIM online for $2.