Go go gadgets – 4 of the latest GPS devices

With the latest GPS gear you can be on time and on track

Garmin Nuvi 265WT – $549 RRP

Garmin Nuvi 265WT

Why you will want one: With a sharp widescreen display that shows you more of the picture, and a simple interface – which quite literally just asks you “Where to?” – the 265WT is an attractive package. The latest Whereis maps, Bluetooth for hands-free calling, Text to Speech, speed limit alerts and TMC traffic compatibility make the 265WT even more appealing.

Navman S35 – $299 RRP

Navman S35

Why you will want one: Slim and light, the Navman S35 moves easily between car and top pocket or handbag, but it’s certainly no lightweight. It comes preloaded with the latest Whereis maps, including red light, safety camera, speed limit and road toll alerts, plus a digital logbook that records how far you’ve travelled. Getting around with the S35 is like travelling with a local too, with voice guidance delivered in an Australian accent and street names and towns pronounced just as they should be.

TomTom Go 930 – $849 RRP

TomTom Go 930

Why you will want one: The Go 930 features Bluetooth, speed alerts and Text to Speech (it can also read out your SMS messages). Loaded with the latest Whereis maps, the Go 930 offers Advance Lane Guidance for better navigating through complex intersections, plus IQ Routes, which uses real average speeds, rather than speed limits, to accurately calculate the quickest route from A to B.

Uniden Trax 436 – $499 RRP


Why you will want one: The Trax 436 includes everything you’d want in a GPS, including the latest Whereis maps, Bluetooth hands-free, Text to Speech and speed limit alerts. The Trax 436 also has the ability to present key landmarks in 3D and road elevations while you’re driving.

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