Go Pro gets some friendly competition from ShotBox

Go Pro may lead the action camera market, but somewhere between Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Contour, Garmin, Kaiser Baas, and Kogan, it has a few friendly rivals to play again. And now it has one more.

ShotBox is that new rival, and this week the company has sent word to say that it is intending to compete with Go Pro in the professional end of the market, not just offering Full HD capture quality, but resolution up to 4K Ultra HD.


That’s part of what is being delivered in the S71, a camera that doesn’t just compete with Go Pro, but looks a little like one with extra switches, and even takes the same style of accessories, using Go Pros screw-in system to mount to helmets.

Where the ShotBox aims to differ is with price, with the S71 fetching a recommended retail price of $439 and offering that 4K at 15 frames per second, while Full HD 1080p can handle up to 60fps.

Technically, the device is the camera box with WiFi support for app control, but ShotBox is intending to compete on price with the inclusion of a 2 inch removable touchscreen, anti-fog kit, and a waterproof case that makes the S71 something you can take in the water with you.


“We are filling a gap in the market by offering products that are serious contenders to the market leaders yet ensuring that it is still affordable for consumers,” said Duane Cubbage, Product Manager for ShotBox.

The ShotBot S71 is available from retailers now for $439, alongside another model that lacks the 4K shooting, the S60, which is available for $299.