Golden Shirt Awards: Best summer gadgets

The end of the year means warm months in Australia, where GadgetGuy is located, and that means we’re looking at the best gadget for the summer.

There have been loads of top ideas that ultimately make hot temperatures more enjoyable, but these products are the best of the lot, and all deserve GadgetGuy’s coveted Golden Shirt award.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Samsung’s S4 Active is well built, but not well built enough to win a Golden Shirt for being that well built.

That said, it’s one of the only summer-proof phones, and is a slightly thicker Samsung Galaxy S4 with proper buttons and some impressive water resistance.

In fact, you could go swimming with this phone and take pictures and video with it, not worrying about whether the phone will still work when you take it out of the ocean (hint: it totally should).

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Breville Smart Scoop

Ice cream makers practically have “summer” written all over them, and Breville’s Smart Scoop is among the best we’ve checked out.

Most ice cream makers can only make one batch per day, forcing you to refreeze the gel canister, but the Smart Scoop relies on a compressor to keep the canister cold, and as such, means you can make a litre of ice cream, gelato, sorbet, or frozen yoghurt, and then make batch after batch until you’re done, with no refreezing time in the process.

It’s a little bit more than some of the other ice cream makers out there, but it can make ice cream continuously, which we’re sure everyone will love.

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Ultimate Ears Boom

Bluetooth speakers can be used outdoors, but most won’t survive the outdoors at all.

The Ultimate Ears Boom is one such device that can, and has been made to be highly resistant to water, allowing it to be splashed or drenched, all the while music and sound is being played.

This is one beach and pool friendly speaker, just bring your smartphone or tablet.

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SodaStream Source

Carbonated drinks practically make a party (that and booze, but we’ll get to that shortly), and SodaStream’s modern day take on what its classic fizz-injecting appliance should be means you can revive the concept with a stylish design in your home.

Whether you’re after soda water, or are making drinks for the kids with cordials or soft drink syrups, the Source is one of those appliances that makes summer fun for the entire family.

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Tap King

And then there’s the appliance that is fun for the adults in the family, and if you’re a beer drinker, the Tap King is the first of its kind, as Lion Beverages try to craft a Nespresso equivalent of what a beer keg system could be like.

Not everyone has the same level of success with it, and there are only a few styles of beer available, but if summer means relaxing and having the odd adult drink, this is one gadget you’ll want to check out.

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