Golfers to look to their wrists for distance calculation

Fitness gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re a golfer, you can now wear a helper gadget on your wrist.

It has been a while since this journalist picked up a set of clubs and gave the green a good flogging, but if that’s a regular occurrence for you, there is now a way to track footsteps and shot distance from the same device.

The gadget making this happen is the BB5, a smartband-like gadget from GolfBuddy that aims to deliver information for golfers without even needing their phone, meaning you can leave that at home or in the locker so no one bothers you when you’re teeing off.


GolfBuddy’s BB5 apparently has over 37,000 golf courses from around the world pre-loaded into its database, and relies on a GPS lock to help work out where you are in relation to the hole, giving you a shot distance measurement in yards with distances provided to the centre, front, and back of the green, and helping you make that short accordingly with that information.

Other features you might see on other fitness-friendly wristbands are included, such as the time, a pedometer, and water resistance, with a battery life providing up to 10 hours when used in golf mode while the GPS is active, and up to 20 days in regular watch mode when the GPS isn’t really doing anything.


“GolfBuddy has a reputation for delivering technologically advanced and unique products in the golf industry,” said Harry Jung, President of GolfBuddy. “The new GolfBuddy BB5 is cutting-edge and provides both the fashionable and functional features that today’s golfers look for.”

Pricing for the GolfBuddy BB5 comes in at $299.95 when it becomes available in June, with no extra subscriptions or download charges necessary after purchase, outside of extra wrist straps if you’re looking to change the BB5 over to a different colour.