Goodbye Blu-ray: Sony’s new next-gen format revealed


Not content with the 25 and 50GB storage of Blu-ray discs, Sony has turned its effort to a new colour with twenty times the capacity of the current format.
It’s called “blue-violet ultrafast pulsed semiconductor laser,” but you can call it “Violet-ray” for the moment.
The next technology is being designed for disk storage and – if used as a replacement for Blu-ray – could hold over 50 movies per disc using current movie compression technology.
Despite this breakthrough, don’t expect Blu-ray to be replaced any time soon. Sony still has a lot of work to do before this new technology is ready to take over from Blu-ray’s position, and we can’t imagine it’ll be anywhere near ready until we start seeing more Quad HD televisions.
We’re sure that whenever this decides to make itself more known, the marketing execs at Sony will come up with a better name than just “Violet-ray”.