Google adds Night Sight to Pixel smartphones

Night Sight
100% human

Night Sight helps Pixel owners capture vibrant, daylight-like images in low light without the need for huge exposure times or a tripod.

 Night Sight is possible by AI and uses the power of Pixel’svisual core and the Qualcomm 845 Soc to produce a remarkably accurate estimate of colours and light conditions to give you a stunning photo. Reports are that Night Sight users are happy to have an ‘estimated’ colour shot over no shot at all.

Night Site

How Night Sight works

Night Sight (website here) constantly adapts to you and the environment. Before you press the shutter button, Night Sight measures your natural handshake, as well as how much motion is in the scene. If Pixel is stable and the scene is still, Night Sight will spend more time capturing light to minimise noise; if Pixel is moving or there’s significant scene motion, Night Sight will use shorter exposures, capturing less light to minimize motion blur.

Night Sight captures an equal amount of light over a burst of many photos that are dark but sharp. By merging this burst, Night Sight prevents motion blur and brightens the photo, giving you a bright and sharp photograph. It then pixel bins (combines pixels from all these photos) to build a better image.

Night Sight is not HDR per se – it is a whole new technology. If you want to read more on Night Sight, there is a blog here. It is truely imoressive.

Night Site