Google adds weather forecasts to maps

The next time you’re making travel plans via Google Maps you’ll be able to see if you need to pack a jumper or rain coat, because Google has introduced a suite of weather features.

The recent addition shows temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, with cloud coverage also now displayed on screen.

To use weather on Google Maps, hover over the labels section and select "Weather".

To see the changes, simply head to through our link or turn on the weather section under labels. You’ll see the weather over different parts of the world, including Australia.

Zoom too close and the weather switches off, but if you can see several cities on the map, you’ll also see an icon showing current weather. Some of the cities even have forecasts, available if the weather icon supports clicking.

The feature is not active for all cities yet, but the introduction of weather helps to make Google Maps even more handy.