Google asks – Does Siri work for the Devil?

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When I started typing “Does Siri work” into Chrome’s address bar, the first auto-complete option Google added was “… for the devil”.

That was intriguing. I checked on Bing. To “Does Siri work” it suggested “offline”, “with Spotify”, “without internet”, “with Bluetooth devices”, “if iPad is disabled”, “if your phone is locked”. You know, sensible questions of the kind one would think normal people would ask.

Duck Duck Go, a more privacy orientated search engine, suggested: “Does Siri work on iPhone 4”.

Siri work

Perhaps Google has deduced something about me from my search profile

But if so its algorithm must be strange indeed. I rarely search on theological matters, and I doubt I’ve ever searched for the devil.

Surely it could have nothing to do with Google Assistant and Apple Siri occupying the same kind of operational space. Surely not.

The greater question is does Siri work at all?

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