Google asks you to take a break with Breakout

If you’ve grown up with technology and video games, chances are that you remember Breakout, the game that took the Pong paddle and ball, and threw the latter at blocks to break them. Google sure does, and has even made its image search into a mini game.

As part of Breakout’s 37th anniversary, Google has programmed a special version of the game provided you look for images of the game on Google Image Search today.

The easter egg, which appears in an image below, takes the search results and folds them into the blocks that make up Breakout, with the controls sent to both your mouse and keyboard. You can then play with five lives and go for the best score.

We’re not sure if your bosses will appreciate the amount of time you’ll inadvertently spend playing – reliving your youth, even – but it’s a fun time waster and worthy of anyone who misses the classics.

Now we’re just waiting for Google to do the same thing with Marble Madness.