Google Australia launches billion dollar Digital Future Initiative

Google Digital Future Initiative

Google is investing $1 billion in local infrastructure, research and partnerships as part of an initiative to make Australia one of the world’s top 10 digital economies by 2030.

The Digital Future Initiative was launched by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the opening of Google’s expanded Sydney office. The Google initiative is predicted to support 6,529 new direct jobs and 28,057 total jobs across Australia, while delivering $1.259 billion in direct investment and $6.716 billion in total economic impact.

“Australia can help lead the world’s next wave of innovation, harnessing technology to improve lives, create jobs, and make progress,” Pichai says.

“To help, today we’re proud to make a five year, $1 billion commitment to launch the Digital Future Initiative to bring the benefits of technology to more Australians.”

The Digital Future Initiative begins with a five-year, multi-million dollar partnership with the CSIRO. It will bring forward solutions to challenges like natural hazard management, clean energy and protecting the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

“CSIRO solves Australia’s greatest challenges through innovative science and technology, but our partnerships with industry are what makes those solutions real – because when industry innovates Australia grows,” says Dr Larry Marshall – Chief Executive, CSIRO.

“CSIRO’s science makes life better for every Australian, and when amplified by Google’s Technology it will catalyse collaborative projects across our entire national innovation system, driving opportunity for businesses of all sizes across every market.”

Meanwhile, a partnership with Macquarie University will increase investment in quantum computing in Australia, while Google will also develop local digital infrastructure focusing on cloud computing.

Google is also launching its first Australian research hub, partnering with the research community across the country and Google Research hubs around the world. It will build a team of local researchers and engineers to explore ways AI can help tackle issues which are important in Australia and around the world. 

Google Australia Managing Director Mel Siva

Mel Silva, Google Australia MD, says the Digital Future Initiative is about helping accelerate the country’s progress to becoming a leading digital economy. 

“The Digital Future Initiative is about bringing significant technology resources and capabilities to Australia, investing in the infrastructure that benefits people and businesses, and helping the best  talent thrive here,” Silva says.

“A strong digital future creates opportunities, improves the everyday and enables the extraordinary – and we’d love to help Australia and Australians make the most of the opportunity and build for tomorrow.”

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