Google Glasses: a vision of the not so distant future

Coming soon to a head near you is a new concept by Google, shifting the mobile phone into a new form: a pair of small visor-like glasses that you wear on your head.

Science fiction has long dictated a future where much of the computing and mobile technology is closer to us, so much that it could even be implanted inside us and controllable from the brain.

While we’re not there yet, Google is trying to come up with a way of bringing that future closer to us.

Project Glass is an initiative from Google to bring mobile technology into a visor form factor. Simply put, much of the technology we’re seeing in phones – taking pictures, maps to locations, talking to friends, checking emails, setting appointments in a calendar – will be available on a visor.

Control of the technology will likely be handled through both your eyes and your mouth, with both voice commands and selection by looking at a specific icon. While spoken commands are an evolving technology you can play with on pretty much any smartphone or computer, eye-based commands are a little hard to find, with the last example we recall being a Canon single-lens reflex camera that featured the ability to select focus points simply by looking through the viewfinder.

Google’s Project Glass is likely a few years off, at best, but it does give us an idea of a future that looks to be user friendly and totally transparent. To see more of what Google will try to do, check out the video below.