Google holds a sale: who doesn’t love cheap apps?

If there’s one thing that users of Android have over their iOS counterparts, it’s that Google loves sales, with the company discounting several apps and making it easy for anyone to afford.

For the next few days, Google is celebrating 25 billion downloads from its Play Store, a number that tells you not just how many Android devices there are out there, but how many people are actively going online and grabbing games, apps, books, and movies for their Google-powered devices.

Angry Birds Space was available for 25 cents on the first day

To celebrate this, Google – together with Rovio, OMGPOP, Gameloft, and quite a few others – are dropping prices on some of the more popular Android titles, with a list that changes daily.

You won’t have long to grab them, but once you do, they’re yours to keep, downloadable on nearly every Android device you ever own, and trust us: we have loads of them on our test bed.