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AR (Augmented reality) in Search

Search has evolved to include richer, visual content in your results, like images and videos. With new augmented reality (AR) features rolling out at the end of the month, now you can view 3D objects right from Search and place them into your own space. It’s all part of the Google Lens evolution.

Knowledge Panel. We’re bringing AR to the Knowledge Panel in Search starting with select animals. So if you search for say, Great White Shark – you’ll get an option in the Knowledge Panel to view a life-sized Great White Shark in 3D and place it right in front of you in AR.

3D Models for All. We’re also working closely with partners like New Balance, Visible Body, NASA, Lowe’s, Volvo and Wayfair to help them bring 3D models that can be viewed in AR on their sites or directly in the web results from Search.

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